The Challenges and Consequences of Leaving a Community

One area that is not open to debate, is the often tragic consequences of leaving a community and dealing with the feelings of being lost and alone in world.

Our members have invariably struggled through the process of leaving, all in unique ways. The lucky ones managed to find others within their communities and leave together. And even as a group, the struggles are very real.

Many face the struggle not only alone, but in the face of coercive and powerful communities with priorities to keep the faith alive - at all costs.

Depression, Substance Abuse… Suicide

The majority of those who’ve left have had the struggle manifest itself in ugly shapes. Depression and anxiety are rampant. Often times, there are young men who are left homeless. Substance abuse can be just a phase, but in some cases, it lasts a lifetime. And as happens several times a year (in communities around the world), suicide seems like the only option. 

A Place to Sleep, Someone to Talk To, Saving Lives

For our brave members, going up against large, dogmatic communities who are unshakeable in their beliefs, we need to be there to give our members the support they deserve.

We are building a network of healthcare professionals, generous donors, and kind mentors who in the case of emergency will spring to life to show anyone who is living in fear and feeling lost, that there is a way forward.

Our goal is to readily be able to provide for the basics, food and shelter, ensure a sense of security, and provide health or other services our members might need.

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