Imagine learning to read and write English at 32!

For all too many ex-ultra Orthodox Jews, education was mainly limited to biblical and talmudic studies. There are a lucky few who had the opportunity to take optional secular education, but that is insufficient to gain access to any form of higher or continuing education. The reality of the UO education system is that it is designed to create insularity - rabbis, mothers, and non-professional careers (such as salespeople, entrepreneurs). Thus, leaving such a community becomes a real challenge to emancipate yourself from this system and have access to the secular world of work. The basic communication, intellectual and work-related skills we take for granted, are often severely lacking. 

Education for All

A key pillar of the Forward plan is to make sure education is accessible to everyone. As a start, we provide access to classes, courses and workshops, starting with basic life and communication skills. English, French, math, science, computer skills, money management, relationship advice, sex education, and more.

We provide assistance with finding and applying for educational, and vocational programs, including preparation to write entry exams such as GED or GDT exams.

As well, we promote and encourage education, by means of suggesting programs, finding people with skills to share, and supporting, financially (where possible) and morally anyone who wants to attend a higher education learning institution.

We also are building a network of teachers within the university and Cegep system who will mentor our members, to provide a greater possibility for success.

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