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Forward Fundraising Campaign

2017 Was our first complete year as an official organization. We got a lot done. Barbecues in the park, a fun music filled party, holiday get togethers, a pizza party, a visioning and more. We’ve organized a screening and roundtable of “One of Us” for our members , a guided visit to Chagall at MBAM, […]

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One Of Us…One Of Whom?

We hosted a private screening of One of Us a couple of nights ago for Forward members. It was followed by a very lively discussion, with both negative and positive feedback. These ideas are my perspective and takeaways.    For many of us who’ve lived through the struggles of leaving the ultra-Orthodox world, One of […]


Members Visioning 2017

On a Sunday morning in February a group of about 25 of us, members and advisors, got together at Linda’s for a visioning session over brunch. We were looking to gain insight into members needs on 3 areas: Events, Workshops and others. It was a great opportunity to get feedback on direction directly from our […]

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2016 In Review and Looking Forward

It’s hard to believe but the first meeting of our board and advisors happened just over a year ago. Since then so much has happened, including registering as an NPO, getting our first events, workshops and meetups in the bag, and most importantly, having a demonstrable impact on our members. We don’t rest on our […]


Forward Members Talk About My Name is Asher Lev

Last week, at the generous invitation of Ometz, we got to attend “My Name is Asher Lev”, a play depicting the struggles of a young hasidic man, who wants to be a painter. Based on the book by Chaim Potok, it is about balancing his own desires with the expectations of his parents and community.

We thought it would be interesting to get feedback from some of our members who had seen the play.


Five Ways to Find Free Mental Health Services in Montreal

Leaving one’s orthodox or hasidic community is a change that could involve significant loss. A person may be rejected by family and friends, lose their homes, jobs, or status within the community. Moreover, leaving the community can be a continuous stressor, meaning that the challenges can be drawn out over many months or years. As a member of Forward, you will likely meet people who are facing difficult circumstances. And sometimes, they might experience mental health problems. This guide will show you how to find support for members in need.