Q: Do you encourage people to leave ultra-Orthodoxy?

No. We do not proselytize. We do not try to influence anyone’s religious decisions and practices. Our mandate is to serve those who ask and need support, who have made a decision, and provide them with the skills and opportunities to lead happy lives in a wider world.

Q: How many ex-ultra Orthodox Jews are there who want to leave that world?

Given the particular nature of Montreal’s Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox communities, it is hard to gauge precisely how many would like to leave. Footsteps in New York has well over 1000 members. In Montreal, our informal survey has counted over 80.

Q: How do your members feel about Judaism and religion in general?

There is no normal. A lot of our members have anger, some have come to terms and are tolerant, and some enjoy participating in different forms of religion to this day. Our goal is to provide basic life services, religious counselling is not in our mandate. As long as our members are happy, free and on the path to happiness and success, their views on religion are not of importance. 

Q: Is Forward able to issue tax deductible receipts?

At the moment, Forward is only registered as a non-profit in Quebec and is unable to issue receipts. There is a however a scholarship fund caters to our members and which can issue tax deductible receipts. Please contact us for details.

However donations made to Forward will help us tremendously and allow us to hopefully gain charitable status in the near future.

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